Wealth Creation

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Wealth Creation

Is wealth creation an outcome you seek from your investments? Wealth creation, or growth, is an outcome all investors should consider as we are living longer and need our assets to last longer. Selecting the growth strategy most appropriate for where you are in your investment lifecycle is the key to success.

At QS Investors, we offer investors numerous wealth creation strategies. Our approach includes risk-managed, growth-oriented portfolios diversified across multi-asset classes and multi-factor equities.

Multi-Asset Solutions
  • Capital Preservation
  • Completion
  • Drawdown Protection
  • Dynamic Multi-Income
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Liability Aware
  • Strategic Real Return
  • Target Allocation
  • Target Date
Active Factor Equity
  • Global Environmental Social and Governance Equity
  • Global Opportunistic Equity
  • Global Small Capitalization Equity
  • International Equity
  • International Small Capitalization Equity
  • US Large Capitalization Equity
  • US Mid Capitalization Equity
  • US Small Capitalization Equity
Diversification Based Investing
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) Emerging Markets
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) Global Equity
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) International Equity
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) US Equity
Defensive Equity Income
  • Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • European Equity
  • Global Equity
  • International Equity
  • UK Equity
  • US Equity
Liquid Alternatives
  • Global Dynamic Long/Short Equity
  • Global Market Neutral Equity
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation