Risk Mitigation

Institutional Investors

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Risk Mitigation

Are you a risk-averse investor? Are you looking for investments designed to generate income or create wealth but with less risk and greater drawdown protection?

At QS Investors, we see risk mitigation differently than most. To us, risk is more than just the measure of standard deviation. Concentration, drawdown potential, and behavioral bias are all additional risks investors face. With so many risks to consider, investors need more than one tool to address them.

Our approach is based on a series of proprietary, quantitative tools that seek to mitigate the ever-present risks across markets. Our tools work in combinations and can:

  • Isolate stocks with low-risk characteristics
  • Add complementary characteristics that have consistently dampened volatility
  • Explore diversification from multiple perspectives
  • Craft sophisticated portfolios that dynamically de-risk when the market shows signs of turbulence
Multi-Asset Solutions
  • Capital Preservation
  • Completion
  • Drawdown Protection
  • Dynamic Multi-Income
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Liability Aware
  • Strategic Real Return
  • Target Allocation
  • Target Date
Diversification Based Investing
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) Emerging Markets
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) Global Equity
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) International Equity
  • Diversification Based Investing (DBI) US Equity
Defensive Equity Income
  • Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • European Equity
  • Global Equity
  • International Equity
  • UK Equity
  • US Equity
Liquid Alternatives
  • Global Dynamic Long/Short Equity
  • Global Market Neutral Equity
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation