Institutional Solutions

Institutional Solutions

Custom Solutions for Institutional Investors

We believe that each institutional client challenge is different and that there are no shortcuts to elevating the certainty of the outcome you seek. That’s why we take a consultative approach to determining your outcome and deploy a robust set of models and tools in the design of your customized solution, including:

  • Proprietary forecasting module that integrates market equilibrium, economic outlooks and tactical signals to derive return forecasts across equities, fixed income and alternative investments
  • Proprietary portfolio construction tool that addresses the limitations of traditional mean-variance techniques. A portfolio is created according to how well we believe it meets the investor’s objective, rather than simply its volatility and return characteristics

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Our Solutions Based Approach

QS Investors is driven by a culture focused on creating solutions according to the needs of our diverse client base. We specialize by client segment in order to bring our specialized knowledge to bear in creating effective solutions for our institutional and sub-advisory clients: pension funds, endowments, plan sponsors, insurance companies, defined contribution platforms and more.

We provide and promote transparency at both the strategy level and across our business, as client relationships are viewed as partnerships, not transactions.

We Customize All Our Strategies

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