Multi-asset Solutions

Multi-Asset Solutions

QS Investors offers investors quantitative multi-asset class strategies designed to mitigate risk while giving investors access to the outcomes they seek.

With the understanding that not all ideas work all of the time, our multi-asset solutions are diversified across markets, factors and asset classes while seeking to manage overall risk and limit downside capture. Our multi-asset strategies include strategic and tactical allocations to actively managed funds, ETFs, and alternatives and seek to elevate the certainty of the outcomes that investors desire.

Outcome Coverage

Wealth Creation Our strategies include risk-managed, growth-oriented portfolios. Income Generation We offer income strategies constructed with multiple asset classes. Risk Mitigation With so many risks to consider, investors need more than one tool to address them.

Add Diversification to Your Portfolio

Multi-Asset Solutions

Multi-Asset Solutions pulls together different tools and capabilities to add diversification to your portfolio. By taking a diversified, rigorous and quantitative approach across asset classes and geographies, we navigate different types of markets driven by economics and behavioral cycles of fear and greed.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase the certainty of outcomes our clients are seeking.  


Meet Your Managers

Thomas Picciochi Picture

Thomas Picciochi, CAIA

HEAD OF Multi-Asset Portfolio management

Responsible For:

  • Multi-Asset Solutions
  • Liquid Alternatives
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Lisa Wang Picture

Lisa Wang, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Responsible For:

  • Multi-Asset Solutions
  • Liquid Alternatives
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QS Strategy Composite

  • Capital Preservation
  • Completion
  • Drawdown Protection
  • Dynamic Multi-Income
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Liability Aware
  • Strategic Real Return
  • Target Allocation
  • Target Date

QS Strategies are available to institutional investors through an array of investment vehicles.
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Legg Mason Investment Vehicles

Mutual Funds

  • QS Moderate Growth Fund
  • QS Growth Fund
  • QS Conservative Growth Fund
  • QS Defensive Growth Fund


  • Legg Mason QS Growth Fund
  • Legg Mason QS Investors Multi Asset Euro Performance Fund
  • Legg Mason QS Balanced Fund
  • Legg Mason QS Investors Multi Asset Euro Balanced Fund
  • Legg Mason QS Conservative Fund
  • Legg Mason QS Investors Multi Asset Euro Conservative Fund

Managed Accounts

  • Legg Mason QS Strategic Real Return Portfolios
  • Legg Mason QS Diversified Income Portfolios
  • Legg Mason Alternative Completion Portfolios