QS & Caltech Innovator Series - The Quantum Revolution: Closer Than You Think?


QS & Caltech Innovator Series - The Quantum Revolution: Closer Than You Think?



DECEMBER 22, 2017

QS Investors Innovator Series with Caltech     

The QS Investors Innovator Series with Caltech is a joint project that focuses on innovation, innovators and the disruption they are creating. The Series is a collaborative discussion bringing together our networks of people in different industries, business, arts, and academia to support the work that is being done in information, science, technology and engineering. It is a salon style presentation and discussion hosted by Janet Campagna (CEO) & James Norman at QS Investors New York City office. Leading minds from various backgrounds are invited to join the discussion with these disruptive forces from Caltech's impressive multi-disciplinary environment.

The Quantum Revolution: Closer Than You Think?

Conversations with two of Caltech’s most recognized researchers working at the intersection of computation and quantum physics.  Professors Adam Wierman, Computational Mathematic Sciences, and Oskar Painter, Applied and Quantum Physics, discuss groundbreaking discoveries that are shaping the next generation of computational and communication devices, and how these devices will revolutionize the technology industry in the coming decade.

Computation is disrupting science and engineering, creating entirely new disciplines.  Fields such as sustainability, health care, chemistry, biology, economics, applied physics and the environment are being upended by computational advances—from mapping the human genome to understanding the works of the brain to modeling climate change and big data.  These breakthroughs have the potential to have a transformative impact on diverse sectors, from health and medicine to economics and finance.


Janet Campagna, QS Investors CEO, opening remarks.

Quantum Mechanic Properties

Oskar Painter, Applied and Quantum Physics at Caltech.
Oskar describes three quantum mechanic properties: super position, entanglement, and quantum measurement.

Quantum Computing

Oskar Painter, Applied and Quantum Physics at Caltech.
Oskar explains quantum computing and the exponential leap in computing power with machine learning, molecular simulation, and quantum sensors.


James Norman and Oskar Painter discuss scale of investments, big data drivers, potential tipping points, and the growth of quantum research.

Audience Question & Answer

James & Oskar field questions and answers around the impact of a quantum revolution on certain industries, its historical significance, potential hurdles and cryptography.

Important Information: The material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon to make any investment decision.The opinions and views discussed in these videos are for educational purposes only and are not endorsed by QS Investors and/or meant as investment advice or guidance. The views expressed in these videos are soley the views of the individual speakers. Any company mentioned during discussion is mentioned for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement for or an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any related security.

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