QS & Caltech Innovator Series - Medical Devices for the Masses


QS & Caltech Innovator Series - Medical Devices for the Masses

Chair, Board of QS Investors

JUNE 20, 2019

QS Investors Innovator Series with Caltech     

The QS Investors Innovator Series with Caltech is a joint project that focuses on innovation, innovators and the disruption they are creating. The Series is a collaborative discussion bringing together networks of people in different industries, business, arts, and academia to support the work that is being done in information, science, technology and engineering. It is a salon style presentation and discussion hosted by Janet Campagna (Chair, Board of QS Investors) at QS Investors New York City office. Leading minds from various backgrounds are invited to join the discussion with these disruptive forces from Caltech's impressive multi-disciplinary environment.

Medical Devices for the Masses

We are living in a world in which enzymes, microelectronics and wireless technologies have evolved to enable biomedical sensors that can be integrated into seamless wireless systems for patient monitoring. Instead of taking “snapshots” of our health through blood analysis, we can now observe metabolic reactions and changes through continuous monitoring of key biomarkers. Time-dependent measurements over long times can establish individual baselines and lead to pre-symptomatic identification of disease.

Professor Axel Scherer and his team at Caltech focus on the application of microfabrication to integrated microsystems. Recently, his group has specialized on developing implantable sensors and diagnostic tools that can be used for low-cost point-of-care disease detection as well as precision health monitoring.

Professor Scherer's group at Caltech has developed the smallest (1mm2), cheapest (10 cents), fastest (0.1 second), and most power efficient (3µW) enzyme-based biosensors, believed to be the most stable and accurate systems to measure metabolites through continuous monitoring. These represent a new era of personalized medicine, where instant diagnosis and individualized drug administration become possible with continuous blood monitoring.

About the Speaker

Axel Scherer is the Neches Professor of Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics and Physics at Caltech, as well as the Director of the Caltech Global Health Initiative. In the 1980s, he pioneered the development of the first monolithic vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs) that are now widely used in data communications systems. He has co-founded several companies in the area of silicon photonics and biomedical diagnostics, and leads a productive group focused on the miniaturization and integration of fluidic, optical, electronic and magnetic devices for applications in biotechnology.

At QS Investors, we believe innovation is a mindset and to have access to in-depth discussion with influential big thinkers looking beyond investments and towards long-term horizon breakthroughs in science is crucial. As engaged citizens, not just investors, we look to discover what ifs and draw innovation from exploration across the unknown.

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